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The combination of prevacid plus amoxicillin and clarithromycin as triple therapy was effective in eradicating h.

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Frequency not reportedHypomagnesemiaincreased appetitediabetes mellitusavitaminosisgoutdehydrationhyperglycemia/hypoglycemiaweight gain/lossblood potassium increaseddecreased cholesterolincreased LDHhyperlipemiahungerincreased/decreased electrolytesRef]

Symptoms of Prevacid overdose include difficulty breathingbreaking out in hivesand swelling of the facelipstongueor mouth.

The orally disintegrating tablet may also be given through a nasogastricNGfeeding tube as followsDisperse the tablet in an oral syringe as directed aboveThen inject the mixture through the NG tube into the stomach within 15 minutesFlush the tube with 5 more milliliters of water to wash the contents down.

Frequency not reportedCerebrovascular accident/cerebral infarctionmigraineamnesiaconvulsiondementiahemiplegiahyperkinesiahypertoniahypesthesiaparosmia.

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